Danekia Smith

A former corporate America employee, who has a ton of experience within the financial and fraud industry, public speaking, career and educational development.

The opportunity of true entrepreneurship within the network marketing industry allowed her to walk away from her job within 6 months. She has built a very successful personal brand online and has generated over half a million dollars in income.

She has been able to leverage social media, incorporate all of her skills and now teaches others how to build their brand from their mobile device even if you know nothing about marketing.

Maybe You’re Ready to

  • Turn your passion and purpose into an irresistible digital product. The Internet has opened up new possibilities for making money. There are lots of ways to sell digital products and you just need to know where to start.

  • Get rid of all of those student loans that have more than doubled since you graduated

  • Start being present for your kids personally and financially. Stop being the “unable” parent…unable to attend the event, school meeting, sporting event and more

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Stop wasting time creating ebooks, videos and courses that no one buys.

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Stop Wasting time creating ebooks, videos and courses that no one buys

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